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Hello Reallusion!

Hello my name is Xavier Woodson of WTM NETWORK STUDIOS and I am a independent artist in Dallas, Tx.

I created this character back in 2007 and I knew if I ever did a movie this would be my first. Looking to tell a story and bringing families together more. To become better than Marvel but doing everything in 3D. Once i learned of the Reallusion product[s] and how much easier you guys made it I was hooked. I am looking to create my very own Super Hero Multi-verse which will be another household name in the future.

Planing a “ Blue Carpet Event” when the project is complete and bring alot of people together in a positive environment. For all kids and adults alike. Of course nothing is free and i do know my minimum cost for this project and others will average around 20K + with the Max amount 600K. 

In 2020 i filmed my first 2 episode series which was a love drama and had a Red Carpet event for it which we sold out on. Everything turned out great, and I loved every min of it.

With help or not... nothing will stop me from reaching for the stars.

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