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WTM | Reverse will be a LIVE entertainment show created to bring more passionate artist of all kinds together, and bring the Star power to entertain the general public watching in person or Live on PH TV. Viewers can download PHTV on ROKU TV, FIRE TV, and or APPLE TV to view the show LIVE. This show will not be pre- recorded or edited for view. We plans on producing WTM| Reverse once a month on a Saturday @ 7PM/CST and will air live for 3 hours via PHTV @7PM/CST.

Also future plans to produce shows weekly.


Live in Person experience Being around a positive environment and getting out once in awhile is totally up to you. Be that fan, supporter, sponsor. Although you pay to see this event in-person, you are witness to the entire show... the set-up the live atmosphere etc.

PH TV experience Watching our shows live on PH TV is also a great way to see our show at it’s best... as we entertain you from the comfort of your home[s]. This is like a test the waters before you choose to attend our shows live in person. It's fully free to view it on PH TV, but you are subject to commercials throughout the show.


We have decided to create the show around the following listed below...

- RnB

- Gospel

- Hip-Hop

- Pop

- Fashion Shows

- Comedians


If you would like to sponsor our event[s].

Sponsorship packages will be available for each and every show. for more details about our packages please email us at


The product will be done live locally, but will be shown on PH TV globally. Building up the show in Dallas first is key, however we plan on bringing artist/performers from other parts of the USA and hopefully the world to perform on our stage. We currently already have connections outside the state of Texas, when the stage is set, we can invite them to our shows. Of course we need the support of our fans, supporters and sponsors to help make this happen and for this product to deliver the best experience possible.

Future plans are also to travel to other cities and states.

Business/Venue Owners


Our aim is to film WTM| REVERSE from locations that can seat at less 150 people or more. For more information please email us at

Partnering with


We are proud to partner with other like minded businesses who believe in the vision.


- Reverse Happy Hour

- Wynter Glo

- Floetic Desire

- DJ Jlex

and many more.

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