Season 1

Fantasy Divas | Dallas presents entertainment in the arts, where our Divas in the show, not only model in fashion shows, modeling clothing. But they also go deep into fantasy photography. While at the same time living out there day to day lives through the hassle and the bustle. The viewers can see the complete transformation of any Diva, as they transform into a character that our designers come up with that matches the model's personality. At this time they must process the skills of acting out their character to the fullest.


This Project is filmed in Dallas, Tx

Our Cast:

B.A.D, Haileigh Todd, Golden Child, Paula Miller, Saphier, Shacobi, Yoitrell.

Dallas, TX

Contact: 214.972.6007 / Xavier Woodson

About The Show

Season 1 | Episode 5
"Yo Ass Is Half Black"
Yoitrell Cleveland​ Can't Beleive Paula Miller​ cannot make some of the key things black people love to eat!
Season 1 | Episode 4
"Broke Dat Ass In!"
After Paula Miller wasted her drink all over Shacobi, She was sorry... but felt more excited about the situation.
Season 1 | Episode 4
"Shacobi Vs Skinny Bitches?!"
As Shacobi and Paula Miller make plans to leave the art show with the other divas. Paula demanded that Shacobi recognize what her mama gave her.
Season 1 | Episode 2
"Nothing to worry about"
Shacobi goes to check on her friend to make sure she is ok, but soon finds out she is more than ok.
Season 1 | Episode 2
"The Bet"
Douglas Elliott bets one dollar that B.A.D cannot get Ryan J Smith to take off his glasses… 
But she accepts the challenge.​
Season 1 | Episode 4
Snap For Me!
For B.A.D it doesn't matter where she's at... anytime is a good time for a selfie!
Season 1 | Episode 3
Haileigh Todd loves and trusts her MUA with helping her build her portfolio. She is super excited to see how the shoot will turn out.
Season 1 | Episode 4
"Bitch, Get Da Stepping!"
After hearing what B.A.D best friend did to her at the wedding that she was suppose to attend, Yoitrell had some very choice words for B.A.D's friend.